About Us

Orange and Teal Productions is a video production company that produces short films, webisodes, PSA's and animated cartoons.

Caroline Khameneh is the Founder and CEO with a passion for creating compelling content across multimedia platforms. She stared her media career at North Point Community Church in Fall 2004 running cameras for a kid’s production called KidStuf. Her passion drove her to continue her media education at the University of Georgia where she earned a BS in Mass Media Arts. She then continued to Dallas Theological Seminary were she is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology with an emphasis in Media Arts and Worship, and Pastoral Counseling. She has been apart of dozens of live productions and video production sets. Her experience ranges across all stages of production, from pre-production to post-production. She launched Orange and Teal in May 2015 to produces short films, webisodes, PSA's and animated cartoons. At Orange and Teal the creativity is endless, and so are the possibilities.

  • Random Get to Know You Facts:
    • Meyer’s Berges: INFJ
      1. Top Five Strength’s on Strength Finder: Relator, Achiever, Learner, Discipline, Focus
      2. DISC Personality Test: SC
      3. Hobbies: Triathlete, Health, Fitness, Movies, Outdoors, Sports